Repair or Replace

The Valve on your RIB / Inflatable can be repaired or replaced using parts and components of the same type, or if preferred a complete replacement with a better more suitable valve could be used.

Here we offer solutions and instruction guides:-

A ‘C7 Valve’ is an ideal replacement for many old of worn-out inflatable dinghy or RIB valves. A good quality ‘Valve Doubler‘ can ensure a successful and robust fit into your dinghy. The Doubler simply reinforces the fabric around the Valve. A ‘professional adhesive’ is essential for both Hypalon or PVC inflatable boat fabrics. Polymarine branded products are specifically designed for such a task.

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Quick overview – how to completely replace a valve on inflatable boats and Ribs:

The easiest way to completely replace the valve if the old valve is no longer available is by using a C7 valve complete with valve doubler.

1. Deflate the tube.

2. Carefully closely cut around the current valve and remove.

3. Using a valve doubler fitted with the new valve, mark around the edge of the doubler.

4. Using 60 grit sandpaper prep both tube in marked area and rear of doubler.

5. Clean and degrease area.

6. Apply one coat of glue to each surface and allow to dry.

7. Apply a second coat of clue to each surface, allow to go tacky and then stick together making sure surfaces are well pushed together.

8. Clean off excess glue.

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