B7 valve

B7 Acetal Valve.
* A further developed version of the A7 valve with a smoother, snag free profile.
* Normal A7 accessories apply
* Available in Black or Grey
Same as the A7, but has more contoured cap. The B7 incorporates a cup diaphragm mounted on a spring loaded spindle, deflation is achieved by pressing down the spindle and turning 90 degrees. The spindle is turned back to it’s original position for reseating

Instructions on how to replace the diaphragm on A7 and B7 Rib inflation valve.

1. Loosen the cap assembly slightly, deflate the tube, undo the cap assembly & remove, being careful not to drop the inner section into the tube.

2. Use some fine string to loop around the thread of the core assembly & tie the other end to a secure point so not to lose the inner core assembly.

3. Push in & twist the spindle to lock in the open position. Then carefully twist the valve around so you now have access to the back of the core assembly.

4. You can now unscrew the cup diaphragm from the spindle.

5. Once removed turn the valve around & remove the spindle & spring. Ensure all surfaces are free from dirt & are clean.

6. You can now install the new spindle & spring, push & twist so it is in the locked open position.

7. Once again turn the core assembly around to gain access the back, now carefully screw on to the spindle the new cup diaphragm.

8. Finally turn the core assembly back round, pulling back through the hole & screw on the cap assembly, ensuring any washers are put back in position.

9. Tighten to 20lb.ft