Valve A10

•    High flow
•    Compact size
•    Opening and reseating pressures 100% checked during production.
•    Rugged and Reliable design.
•    Smooth internal profile to avoid damage to life raft fabric.
•    Approved for use in Safety of life at sea (SOLAS) life rafts.
•    Can be fitted with a plug which provides an effective secondary seal.
•    Available in a wide range of pressure settings.
•    Simple clamp-in installation.

Due to its outstanding strength, reliability and value for money, the A10 valve has become the market leader in the commercial life raft sector. This Pressure Relief Valve combines rapid opening, high flow rates and consistent reseat pressures.  The valve can be provided with a skirt to smooth the external profile of the valve which is useful if snagging of safety lines is a problem. Two types of plug are available; the standard rubber plug for normal use on life rafts and a screw type plug for sealing against higher pressures. This pressure relief valve is also used in many other applications where high flow rates are required, such as oil booms, large inflatable tents and lifting bags.

A10 is a compact relief valve with higher airflow than the A3.

* SOLAS approved.
* Mechanically fitted.
* Supplied with or without red cap.
* Same pressure colour codes as A3

1.00 psi Grey
1.75 psi Yellow
2.00 psi Blue
2.50 psi Brown
2.75 psi White
3.25 psi Orange
4.00 psi Red
5.00 psi Black
6.00 psi Green
10.00 psi Pink