C7  Valve

•    Low profile.
•    Smooth profile.
•    High strength.
•    High flow/ low back pressure
•    100% leak tested during production
•    Quality materials to ensure long life

The C7 valve has become the favourite valve for use in demanding applications such as Military and Commercial RIBs and River rafts. Its stylish appearance has also won it many fans in the luxury RIB market.
The guaranteed leak-tightness when being fitted has resulted in significant cost savings to customers due to reduced rework
The internal profile has been designed to be as smooth as the external to prevent damage to the fabric when tubes are deflated.
The rugged strap arrangement to retain the cap is hidden from view with the cap fitted to prevent it snagging on other equipment.
The seal is designed so that it wipes the seal surface as it operates this reduces leakage due to dirt ingress.